Pre-Production Editorial Services

Literary Review and Critique for Authors
Price: $250
A literary review and critique is a service that can help improve your reader’s experience and make your manuscript equal to other published works by refining your writing skills.

Our editor will assess and analyze your manuscript and provide an outline of recommendations for your manuscript, such as copyediting, proofreading or development editing. The suggestions made by the editor are constructive criticisms and are for professional development of your manuscript.

Estimated time for completion is 2 weeks.


Standard Editorial Services

Proofreading (Recommended)
Price: $0.02 per word
Proofreading is a baseline service that checks the spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax of your manuscript. Our experienced proofreader will comb through your manuscript and make the basic corrections needed in your manuscript.

Estimated time for completion is 2-3 weeks.



Copyediting (Highly recommended)
Price: $0.02 per word
Copyediting is a highly beneficial service that will improve the quality of your manuscript. Our copyeditor will carefully review the structure, word choice, tense, flow and consistency of your writing, as well as the spelling, grammar and punctuation that a proofreading editor performs.

A copyedit is the most valuable asset for your work and will provide your audience with an enjoyable read. This service is highly recommended in order for your manuscript to be an editorial success.

Estimated time for completion is 3 weeks.



Production Editor
Price: $0.03 per word
In addition to the service the copyeditor performs, the production editor does an extended analysis of your story, covering character development, focus of the story, overall structure and storyline progression.

The production editing service by far gives your manuscript a chance to be a best seller. This service works through all the components of your story to ensure it will be an enjoyable read.

Non-fiction manuscripts are analyzed for clear communication and structure.

Estimated time for completion is 3 weeks.



Premium Editorial Services

Development Editor
Price: $0.05 per word
The development editing service provides a review at all development levels and an overview of the complete content as well as supporting content, such as charts, artwork and lists.

The development editor takes on the role of your reader, critic and assistant writer and provides ongoing reviews for revisions.

Estimated time for completion is 6-8 weeks. 


Price: Estimates must be calculated
You have an idea for a story, but you need help to develop your story idea. We have professional ghostwriters that can fully develop a draft manuscript for you.

The story is developed from your outline and extensive interviews between you and your ghostwriter.

Writing Samples: $150

A writing sample can be provided by the ghostwriter for a cost of $150 per sample. If you decide to purchase the ghostwriting service the amount is applied to your final price.

We provide you with a fully developed draft manuscript that includes copyediting.

Estimates of a timeline and price are provided after the initial interview and review of the author’s outline due tonature of ghostwriting, which requires in-depth interviews and conferences between the author and writer during the development of the draft manuscript.



Post-Production Service

Post-Production Proofreading*
Price: $.02 per word
An error is always a possibility during layout and design, and because no book is ever perfect, a careful proofread is essential.

Our proofreaders are dedicated to carefully reviewing every page for any mistakes in editorial copy, line breaks, formatting or inconsistent design elements.

These errors reduce the quality of your eBook and your reader’s enjoyment of your book.

Estimated time for completion is 2 weeks.

*Please be aware that pre-production services (such as a proofread, copyedit, literary edit ordevelopment edit must be done before this service can be provided).



Book Cover Copywriting
Price: $89.00

Your book cover is a powerful sales tool. The cover copy must engage your buyer with clear communication and draw them in to read more. Provide your cover with professional copywriting.

Estimated time for completion is 2 weeks. (Post-production)