Release of Latest Children’s Book, I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden



Little Pond Publishing Announces Release of

Latest Children’s Book, I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden


SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. (January 13, 2014) — Little Pond Publishing has just released its latest book, a brightly illustrated story poem for children that has caught the attention of elementary school teachers and principals.

“I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden!” features a group of animatedbut adorable insects who spend the day arguing after a spider claims that he owns the garden where each of the bugs calls home. The debate continues until finally, “Paul Irving Pickett, a very wise cricket,” emerges from a nearby thicket to share his wisdom. 

Author Stephen Kindland, an award-winning journalist who has turned his attention to child advocacy through writing and other activities, test marketed his story poem before sharing it with Little Pond Publishing.

“It’s part of a collection that I plan to publish sometime in 2014,” Kindland said. “But a reading specialist and several teachers suggested that I make it a separate book because of its educational value.”

Little Pond president and publisher Karen I. Smith called his work “an entertaining story with a cleverly presented message” about sharing natural resources.

“We’re thrilled to have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kindland,” she said.

The book is illustrated by Little Pond creative director Naomi Mayhue.

“Ms. Mayhue’s skill at digital illustration is stunning,” Smith said. “The illustrations are vibrant and adorable.”

A native of Jamestown, N.Y., Kindland worked for several youth development agencies after graduating from the University of New York at Buffalo. His career change, along with a subsequent degree in journalism from the University of Florida, enabled him to become a voice for children as well as a staunch advocate for child safety and a healthy environment.

The eBook version of “I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden!” is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Hard and soft cover books can be ordered through amazon.com and littlepondpublishing.com.


About Little Pond Publishing

Little Pond Publishing is a digital publishing company based in central Florida that opened its doors in May of 2013. Its goal is to enable independent writers and visual storytellers an alternative to the traditional publishing route. The business offers a range ofbeneficial editorial and other publishing services, such as marketing, book art and design.

Founders Rodney and Karen Smith have been involved in the traditional publishing market for over two decades and are looking forward to thriving in the epublishing market. They are excited to provide the same acute attention to customer service, design and quality on which they’ve built their reputation over the past 20 years.

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