New Service: Demo eBooks


Little Pond Publishing, Inc. Announces New Service: Demo eBooks

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla.—Little Pond Publishing, Inc. has announced it is offering a new service that provides authors and other visual storytellers with a demo version of their manuscript. Storytellers can now explore what their book will look like in a digital version. The preview helps demystify the eBook format for authors looking to self-publish their manuscript and at the same time gives a sense of reality to selling their ebook through major online retailers such as iTunes, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


The service is available immediately. The cost of the flowable standard ePub demo is $50 per manuscript and is suited for novels or short stories. A fixed-layout eBook demo is also available for children’s books, photography books, graphic novels, poetry and other more complex manuscripts. The cost for a fixed-layout demo is $100. Demo fees will be applied toward the purchase of a Little Pond ePublishing package.


About Little Pond Publishing

Little Pond Publishing is a digital publishing company based in central Florida that opened its doors in May 2013. Its goal is to provide independent writers and visual storytellers an alternative to the traditional publishing route. The business offers a range of beneficial editorial and publishing services, such as marketing, book art and design.


Founders Rodney and Karen Smith have been involved in the traditional publishing market for over two decades are looking forward to thriving in the ePublishing market. They are excited to provide the same acute attention to customer service, design and quality, which they’ve built their reputation on over the past 20 years.


For more information, visit littlepondpublishing.com or call (321) 750-3374.