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• Catching Made Easy by Rodney Smith

Learn to catch more fish whenever you go fishing!
In Catching Made Easy,
Capt. Rodney Smith, a lifelong fishing guide, casting instructor, world record holder and successful author walks you through a series of angling habits that will soon help you better comprehend the complexity of fishing new waters or even those waters in your own backyard. With the help of Rodney’s easy-to-learn tips and techniques, you will soon master the art of catching!


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• Enjoying Life on the Indian River Lagoon Coast

Enjoying Life on the Indian River Lagoon Coast reflects the author’s high regard for all living things in nature. The book encourages respectful use of our natural resources and enhances the understanding and care of the Indian River Lagoon, its habitat, water quality and all of nature by communicating a coherent and entertaining stream of information, knowledge and experiences.

Editorial Review

“I gained new insights into the working of the Indian River Lagoon System in every chapter and highly recommend this book to anyone who cares at all about the history and future of the Indian River Lagoon.”

-Spotted Tail Fishing Charters – John Kumiski