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I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden!
by Stephen Kindland

“I Beg Your Pardon, But This Is My Garden” is a whimsically illustrated story poem that offers life lessons about nature and co-existence.
Educators have described the book as being “as entertaining as it is educational.” The story features a group of garden bugs whose fears
escalate as they argue about who owns the garden. Paul Irving Pickett, a wise but cranky old cricket, settles matters at the end of a very long day


Customer Review

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My granddaughter and I had such fun reading this story poem together. The bugs seem to come alive through the colorful illustrations and vocabulary of the poem. When I asked my granddaughter if she liked the story she quickly replied yes. She told me she liked the way the garden creatures learned to share and get along. I was then treated to a ten minute monologue from her about how children and grownups should learn to do the same thing because there is enough for everyone to share. Clearly, she caught the message of the story. We also enjoyed looking at the pictures and giggling about how each creature looked.

We are going to order the paperback version because my granddaughter wants to take the book to school for sharing time. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to increase children’s vocabulary, introduce insects, or garden life. Young children will enjoy the story and pictures and older children can learn about nature. This book would be a great way for teachers to begin a discussion on how insects affect gardens or even the food chain. It would also be a great springboard for children to study garden life first hand, record their observations and compare it to the book.