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ISBN: 978-1-940720-00-5
MOBI ISBN: 978-1-940720-01-2

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Category: Fiction > Action & Adventure
Published: October 7, 2013
Edition: eBook
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Mark Bradbury’s Serpent’s Curse is a vengeful tale of blood sacrifice, Spanish treasure seekers exploring the Yucatan and two ferocious hurricanes, all bound by one curse and spanning three centuries. This adventure will take you on a struggle between good and evil.

Set in the modern day and taking place along the central east coast of Florida, Serpent’s Curse will excite and shock with its twisted clan of likable, believable characters—people not unlike those from our own lives. Bradbury holds his readers’ attention page by page as he weaves together threads of adventure, intrigue, relationships and humor.

If you crave adventure, love Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula or fancy an occasional dip into the briny waters of Florida then this is a tale for you. Regardless, when reading Serpent’s Curse you may find yourself rooting for the hero or its red-eyed golden villain.


About the Author

A long-time writer, Bradbury is excited to have completed Serpent’s Curse, his first novel. He successfully combined his knowledge and enthusiasm of the Mayan culture and his fascination with treasure hunting to create this entertaining read. Having claimed the Treasure Coast­ of Florida—named after the incredible gold- and silver-laden Spanish galleons that crashed on the nearshore reefs in 1715—as home for the past 20 years, Bradbury has endearingly included real people and places into his novel.